A book tells what foreign investors and entrepreneurs need to know about doing business in Italy

May 14, 2022

How to manage Business Relations with Italy

An valuable guide to the foreign investors who wish to know more about the Italian business landscape

ROME, ITALY, ITALY, May 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Italy has a large consumer base and a higher-than-average development rate and expertise, yet cultural traits and red tape also retard production procedures. Because of this, foreign companies operating in Italy need the assistance of experts who know the area well and who can help them structure their administrative procedures accordingly.

To help entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals worldwide find their way around the institutional business relations with Italy, Italian public relations expert Carmelo Cutuli has written the guidebook "How to Manage Business Relations with Italy." The book is now available in paperback, e-Book, and audiobook editions on primary international online stores.

In this guidebook, institutional references that can help you create your organization's associations with Italy are referenced in a readily accessible manner, making it easy to open business connections to the country. Each government agency or trade association listed here is usually open to being contacted from abroad by investors or companies willing to do business with Italy, offering their support.

The book also reminds the importance of considering Italian business culture if you plan to operate in Italy. Business culture is centered on personal relationships. Building a relationship with your Italian counterparts is key to success in any negotiation.

This handbook, in short, can function as a valuable guide to the foreign investors who wish to know more about the Italian business landscape and for those who already operate in Italy from abroad to become familiar with the role of significant stakeholders.

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